Is the March 15, 2019 deadline a postmark or a received-by date?

The deadline is reflected in the postmark. If you are a day or two late, you will be forgiven.

Are there any fees associated with the residency?

There is a $35 tax-deductible application fee. Once accepted, residents are asked to pay a residency fee of $125 per person. This is separate from the application fee, and will be put toward meals and general facility maintenance during the residency session. Any additional expenses for room and board will be covered by the residency.

How do I pay my application fee and/or residency fee?

You can pay online by visiting our Donate page. A check in the mail is also terrific. 

When are these fees due?

A $50 deposit is due upon acceptance. The remainder of the residency fee will not be due until three weeks before your session commences.

How do I submit work samples to Norton Island?

We prefer electronic submissions, which may be included with your application. However, you may also use traditional mail. Please use the mailing address at the bottom of this page.

Does Norton Island accept international applicants?

We do! Residents are accepted from all over the world.

Are sessions open only to first-time applicants, or are Norton Island alumni welcome?

Both sessions are open to first-time applicants and Norton Island alumni. Please apply to the session that best suits you.

I'd like to come to Norton Island, but I can't afford the fees. What do I do?

Select scholarships are available to residents of limited means. Please indicate your interest in a scholarship in the "Additional Comments" section of the residency application. Upon acceptance, scholarship applications will be made available to you.  

Are families allowed on Norton Island?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the living space for anyone other than residents and staff.

May couples attend Norton Island?

Yes, if both partners apply to the same residency and are accepted by the jurists.

I've been accepted! How do I get to Norton Island for my residency?

Travel (and travel expenses) to Bangor Airport (for those residents that are flying) or to Hopkins Point Road in Jonesport (for those residents that are driving) are the responsibility of residents. Transportation from Bangor Airport to Norton Island will be made available to non-driving residents, free of charge.

Norton Island sounds great. Is it for everyone?

No. There is cold, and damp, and rain and fog. One must be able to handle solitude, as well as minor chores (dishes, sweeping, etc) to help maintain the small island community. This place draws residents who tend to be freewheeling thinkers that have cast off the mantel of pretense once in this remote haven. It's not Lord of the Flies, mind you, but dainty won't do, fussbudgets fail and people harboring major issues generally implode.

Is there internet access on Norton Island?

Norton Island maintains wi-fi satellite connection to the Internet. The wi-fi is only available in a single location, the West Camp lodge, which is open to residents during normal hours. There is not wi-fi access in the cabins, nor across most of Norton island.

Will my cellular phone or device work on Norton Island?

Most cellular phones pick up a signal on Norton Island. But not always. And not everywhere on the island. Signal strength varies with carrier, location and luck.

What is the most I can expect from your program?

The best case scenario—and the program's initial reason for existing—is that you manage somehow to put yourself and everything else aside, except for your work, and work like you never dreamed possible. Others have done it, so it's not impossible, but, as stated in the previous answer, Norton Island is not for everybody.

May I make a donation to the Eastern Frontier Educational Foundation on behalf of  the Norton Island Residency?

Yes you may, and thank you for your support! You can donate anytime via the Donate page, or by a check in the mail. If you're also applying for a residency, rest assured the jury will not be influenced by your donation, as they will not be made aware of it.

How do I submit application materials by email?

I'd like to send my application fee, application materials, or separate donation by traditional mail. What is the mailing address?

Please send to

Stephen T. Dunn
Chairman, Eastern Frontier Educational Foundation
481 Old Long Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06903

Again, we're able to accept all materials and payments via this website. You do not have to submit your materials by traditional mail, but if you prefer to do so, you're welcome to.